Christian Zuber
Christian Zuber



Working in the tobacco business since 25 years, I am always showing a positive and winning attitude. I go to the heart of the matter in order to succeed and reach the objectives.



I am fully dedicated to Japan Tobacco International AG Dagmersellen (LU), a GREAT international company with more than 25’000 employees worldwide. It is my goal to energize and motivate my team day after day.



I am strongly committed and motivated to perform in a goal-oriented way. I am a person highly committed to success and am permanently ready to get out of my comfort zone to expand my knowledge in order to improve the business. I am never afraid of a challenge.


Skills Summary

  • Experience in FMCG
  • High knowledge in Key Account Management and Strategic Negotiations (Food, Kiosks, wholesalers and vending business).
  • Great experience (15 years) working in teams, managing, coaching and developing them.
  • Well prepared to work under pressure and stress to reach targets and deadlines.
  • Customer & Consumer Relations, Sales Management, New ways of business, Microsoft Office.
  • Strong knowledge in languages : French, German, English & Italian.

Professional Experience

JT International AG

  • 2013 - Today : Wholesale Manager Salesdetails
      • Responsible for Wholesale and Vending Management as a day to day manager and central point of contact for the partnership ensuring promotions, distributions, launches, program and overall business objectives.

    • Volume growth, SOM is fully implemented.
    • Monitoring progress, evaluating benefit for the company within the given accounts.
    • Building strong relationships with the key decision makers and participating actively in CRM programs.
  • 2005 - 2013 : National Field Force Managerdetails
      • Responsible for the Field Force in Switzerland and for all aspect of the Field Force management in the region (territory management, trade promotions, merchandising & distribution) to achieve the defined objectives.

        Identifies and brings forward business impacting issues developing at the PoP level and proposes solution to improving sales opportunities.

        Ensures cycle plan activities are executed at targeted PoP and assigned accounts according to plan and achieve the set goals.

        Builds and coaches an effective and winning team of Trade Marketers.

        Monitor distributions KPI, merchandising, shelf space, promotional programs, visits FF, competitive activities and key account compliance checks.

        Building strong and efficient exclusive contracts with retailers.

    • Developing the FF in order to improve the sales and leverage performances of the sales reps.
    • Organizing cycle meetings with the FF on a monthly basis; securing all the links and work to be done that comes from the other departments.
    • Organizing and managing team building and national conference.
    • Setting up temporary bonus incentive for the FF and establishing the final analysis.
    • Assuring an efficient communication among the C&TM functions by providing imputs and information to P&D together with important competitive informations to the strategy department.
    • 2007 : Taking an active part in introducing Siebel Sales in the FF and continuously helping to improve the system with the operational planning team giving feedbacks, inputs and proposal to develop new dashboards.
    • 2006 : Being in charge of the brand promoter team and working with TGiP, pubs and events very closely; arranging the first steps with event companies in order to secure the JTI sponsoring of the Winston Open Airs.
  • 2002 - 2005 : Key Account Managerdetails
      • This position included the responsibility for important accounts (Food, Kiosk, Vending and Wholesalers) in the French and partly in the German part of Switzerland.

        • Food and Kiosk : Naville, Relay, Kiosk accounts, SKIV, IGN, PAM, Demaurex, Casino.
        • Vending : Uniromat and 20 other small accounts.
        • Wholesalers : Margot, Weber & Contadis.
        I had to develop the sales & SOM, coordinate the promotional activities, organize business reviews and annual talks and strongly develop the relationships with the customers.
    • Developing strong relationships with the accounts, especially with Naville, regarding the share of shelves and successful promotional activities.
    • Improving the promotional activity program within the Kiosk chain in Switzerland together with the three major wholesalers.
    • Increasing the business by developing over 20 small vending accounts in the French part of Switzerland and acquiring new accounts to contracts with JTI.
    • Taking an active part in CRM programs, especially in the Geneva Arena, during these 31/2 years; being active since the beginning (Nov. 2003) and securing the implementation with all the JTI marketing tools.
  • 1998 - 2002 : Area Sales Managerdetails
      • I was responsible for the team active in the western part of Switzerland.

        My mission was to challenge the team in order to push the business and to improve the results of the company giving them the best training and motivation aiming to have the "best man on the job".

    • Being on the filed with the sales reps to provide strong coaching; establishing selective measures and development plans together with them on a regular basis.
    • Controlling the correct implementation of the cycle plan and setting up improvement measures if necessary.
    • Measuring the distribution of KPI, annual goals and special activities.
    • Being active in the recruitment processes with the HR department.
    • Being responsible for the entire universe of retailers and contracts on the PoP level.
    • Providing the marketing department with all the competitives activities.
    • Making proposals, suggesting ideas and new ways of working.
    • Being in charge of 12 small vending accounts in West Switzerland.
    • Helping the business manager with several translations (German to French).
  • 1988 - 1998 : Trade Marketerdetails
      • I was in charge of the German and the French territory (from Basel to Bern, Jura, Neuchâtel & Fribourg).

        I also had to secure the implementation of the cycle plan and all the KPI.

        In collaboration with the retailers I developed many distribution targets, promotional activities, visibility programs on PoP level.

    • Working with kiosks, tobacco shops and food shops.
    • Presenting and promoting the benefits of the JTI programs.
    • Introducing the whole portfolio of JTI brands.
    • Securing the visibility programs with effective marketing tools in PoP.
    • Looking for new outlets and distribution opportunities.
    • Forwarding reports to the area sales manager.
    • Ensuring the entire universe in the allocated territory.
    • Taking actively part in all cycle meetings.

La Poste Suisse SA

  • 1984 - 1988 : Secrétaire d'exploitation


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